Soldiers Field Veterans Memorial
in Rochester Minnesota

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This Memorial honors all
American veterans

who, although separated by generations, share a common undeniable goal - to valiantly protect our country's freedoms.

This Memorial, conceived in 1995, was built without tax dollars

due to the time, talent and treasure contributed by the Memorial Committee and the countless other volunteers who also contributed to honor those who served.

Project Milestones:

     October 1995: Formation of
                    the Memorial Committee

     June 13, 1997: Groundbreaking

     June 25, 2000: Dedication of
              Soldiers Field Veterans Memorial

The Wall of Remembrance
was created to honor Veterans from Southeast Minnesota who died serving our country and dedicated to all who serve to help keep us free.

May it remind future generations that our nation must be protected from forces, both outside and within, that would deny us our liberty.

" Given that the vast majority of Americans have never heard a shot fired in anger, the imaginative presentation of military history is vital, lest rising generations have no sense of the sacrifices of which they are beneficiaries. "  George Will

The Wall of Remembrance

honors over 3,000 Service men and women from Southeast Minnesota who gave their lives in service to their country.

The Walk of Remembrance

is made up of about 6,000 pavers honoring
US Veterans and our Allies living or dead
for their service.

The Trees of Remembrance

The 50 sponsored trees represent
every state in the United States.

Let us not forget these veterans for they
have shown the world that
freedom is never free

Open every day to visitors until 10:00 PM